All our spices are handpicked and imported from India.

Spices add taste, flavour, aroma, colour and “bite” to all Indian food.The history and culture of Indian spices is probably as old as human civilisation itself.

Aromatic spices are the essence of Indian cuisine, giving Indian foods its distinct flavour. Spices were originally used in Indian cooking to not only season, but to preserve food. Many spices also have medicinal uses and are used for many home remedies. The story of Indian Spices dates back to 7000 years into the past.

It is a checkered history of lands discovered or destroyed, kingdoms built or brought down, wars won or lost, treaties signed or flouted, favours sought or offered.


The Raj Indian Restaurant offers all the splendour of traditional North Indian cuisine. The service is efficient and friendly, & the food is undeniably the most authentic Indian cuisine available in the country.

Our food is spicy, delicious and traditional, with the menu offering a large variety of authentic Indian culinary styles such as Tikka Masala, Vindaloo, Korma & Bhoona.

Our Master Chefs are all from India and bring with them at least seven proud generations of Indian culinary knowledge and traditions

We cater for all events and functions

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